Hearing Aids


Stinson Audiology offers the latest and best technology for hearing. Made for iPhone hearing aids and rechargeable batteries are on the forefront right now. Dr. Stinson will listen to your needs and find options for your lifestyle. Inquire about models and pricing.  

Service Plans


Stinson Audiology offers service plans on new and existing hearing aids.  Service plans can include cleaning, repair, batteries, consultation, and free trials.  Hearing aids are about more than just the device. Dr. Stinson is dedicated to ensuring your hearing aids will enhance your life for years to come. Inquire about packages and pricing.  

Wax Removal


Earwax build up can cause a variety of hearing related problems and even vertigo.  An excessive accumulation of earwax can lead to a blocked ear which can affect hearing and may be painful. When earwax build-up hardens and blocks the ear canal, it forms a plug, or blockage.  The most common cause of ear wax blockage is at-home removal.  We happily offer professional ear wax removal services.   

Hearing Testing


It is recommended all adults get their hearing tested even if they are not experiencing symptoms of possible hearing loss.  It is important to have a baseline measurement for a person's hearing to determine if there is loss over time and if assistive devices are needed.   

Custom Hearing Protection


Noisy activities like cutting the grass, car racing, going to loud concerts or playing musical instruments all can cause hearing loss in the long term. Stinson Audiology offers custom noise protection that is made just for you and your needs. We can provide you with better protection and more comfort than over-the-counter products.