Jolon S. , 37

Dr. Stinson fit my Dad for much needed hearing aids. He had been resistant to getting hearing aides, despite his need for them, for several years. Dr. Stinson provided excellent compassion during his fitting and discussed his options available as well as recommending hearing aids best suited to his needs. She truly had his best desire at heart, listening to my Dad’s hesitations with wearing hearing aids and made recommendations based on his hearing loss, lifestyle and his expressed concerns. She was very professional as well as being very personable. My Dad now wears his hearing aids daily and is no longer asking everyone to repeat themselves multiple times. I would highly recommend Dr. Stinson!

Sandy T. , 57

Dr. Stinson's expert and thoughtful care when testing and fitting new patients helps them tremendously. My mother in-law didn’t realize how much of her active family and social life she was missing out on. She experienced for ten years a significant hearing loss. After having new hearing aids she was beyond thrilled returning to her old social life and would encourage her friends to get tested too. Her hearing aids were a life changer!

Verna M. , 76

Dr. Stinson fit Jack with his new hearing aids.  She gave him a trial period and helped inform him on different device and service options.  With his new hearing aids he can hear in loud environments like when we are out to dinner.  He can talk to our children using his iPhone which connects to his new hearing aid.  We can also watch TV together again, we have been very happy with our experience at Stinson Audiology.